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Far from perfect grammar

My Grammar School inconveniently forgot to teach me grammar. Fact. We had a few lessons about verbs and adverbs, prepositions and commas – and that was about it. When I became a Primary teacher I swotted up on the basics, while older colleagues banged on about the dubious merits of Box Analysis.   As a […]

12 dodgy ways to get a publishing deal.

12 – Being famous – worked for Whoopi Goldberg, Julie Andrews, Madonna, etc. 11 – Playing for Chelsea - worked for Frank Lampard. 10 - Posting your manuscript through J.K. Rowling’s front door.  She probably has a bin under the letter box flap. Or a paper-loving dog.  Or an island retreat somewhere else less rainy than Scotland. […]

Writing for Children – helpful ideas by Alan Dapre

I’ve had over 50 books traditionally published in a range of genres. A few are plays for teenagers and younger children. Some are linked to characters on TV (such as Brum) and are joke, puzzle, activity and story books. Others are picture books or adventure fiction for school age kids. If you look at my website you’ll see […]

Beating Writer’s Block – tips by Alan Dapre

Pesky apostrophes. Writer’s block affects one person but we all know WB affects all writers at some point so maybe Writers’ block is more accurate. So how to cope with it? Easy. Never pick up a pen again and become a hermit atop a wind turbine. Hmm, that might make you dizzy and fall off. I have no […]

Merry Christmas. My kids picture ebook is free 19, 20, 21 Dec 2013

It’s the time of year for sharing – and I’d like to share Wiggle Jiggle Free. Eggy Leggy is on promotion too. ‘Wiggle Jiggle’ – my picture story ebook is FREE to download on Amazon on 19th, 20th, 21st December 2013. (Kindle Edition) Click HERE to go to Amazon UK Click HERE to go to Amazon US ‘Eggy Leggy’ – my picture story […]

So my daughter will have to work ’til she’s 77?

Thanks George Osborne. I don’t see myself as a particularly political animal. I tend to vote for policies not parties. I’m fairly liberal-minded – well, I was until Nick Clegg made it a dirty word. All parties have their (few) successes and their complete and utter ‘what were they thinking’ disasters. The Bedroom Tax is […]

Captcha? – Captcharrgghhhh!

It’s bad enough not remembering a password and having to drag it out of the back of my memory. Even worse when I can’t fathom if it needs a capital in there somewhere or a number, or both, or neither. Or… It’s worse still when I riff on a certain word and have unlimited variants […]

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