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‘Mummy, don’t do the voices!’

Peppa Pig’s school roof needs repairing. Again. And poor Daddy Pig ends up having to buy his chair back at a fundraising fete. That was the gist of our daughter’s latest bedtime story. I’ve read “Peppa Pig’s Daddy Is Made To Look A Right Idiot Again” or whatever the book’s called  a million times, trying […]

Bad things come in threes.

1) Today I woke up with conjunctivitis. Irritating. 2) Yesterday I was diagnosed with chilblains…to match my arthritis. Thus confirming I am officially an old git. 3) The day before that the hard drive in my Mac computer became an ex-hard drive. To paraphrase Monty Python it has kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal […]

We love books

Well there you have it. My wife is an avid reader, I love books and it seems our daughter has reached the same conclusion. First thing every morning she drags a book onto the bed or, more usually, an armful. Then a wee hand shakes Dad awake and she says – ‘Can you read with […]

Authors I’ve NOT seen – Oliver Jeffers.

I popped over to Oliver Jeffers’ website which is full of his fantastic illustrations. He is a master illustrator with a deft touch and writer of surreal, yet captivating stories. So it was rather surreal to see on his site that he was in NZ and Australia when I was about to see him in […]

Writer Alan Dapré reviews Google+

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen out of love with Social Networks. They have become simply a means to an end – for contacting distant friends and family. I have several gripes with social networking. The first is that site members often have different agendas so one person might be very political and brandish […]

Pandering to a cold? Not likely.

Two years ago on this day I felt unwell and ended up in hospital on a drip with suspected swine flu and meningitis symptoms. Took me until Feb to recover. Today I have a head cold and I’m ordering myself not to mope as it could be a lot worse. Kate was down with nasty […]

Happy Birthday My Lovely Daddy

Yesterday, Isla bursts into the bedroom, springs onto the bed and whispers, ‘Happy Birthday My Lovely Daddy – Shhh – but it’s a seeeecret – I’ve got you a present. Buuut, I’m not going to say what it is. I can open it for you.’ I am soon the proud owner of a cashmere scarf […]

Gingerbread House

There is something about gingerbread that makes me smile and gets me thinking of Christmas. I have happy memories of being over in Norway at Christmas time and helping build gingerbread houses for the youngsters. The ready-made gingerbread was out of a packet and the only thing I needed to supply was icing, sweets and […]

Rock On Tommy

Our last concert was The Wiggles. Last night Motley Crue played at Glasgow along with Spinal tap act-a-likes Steel Panther and a rather slick, bland Def Leppard. Motley Crue came on second but the night was theirs – or rather it belonged to the drummer Tommy Lee and his incredible gravity defying rollercoasting drum kit. […]

Soft Play? – It’s a hard knock life.

The Big Strike is upon us on the day I rashly promised my daughter a session at the local Soft Play centre, based at the municipal swimming pool. Excitement building, I parked outside and realised the lights were off and no one was at home, bit like me really. A bemused security van driver was […]

Dream themes

‘Justin’s House … Dah Da-da Da-da Da-da daah’ ‘When you hear that fire alarm … Sam is always cool and calm’ ‘La La La-la-la-la-la Something Something Something The Tweenies’ ‘Pah Pa-pa Paaah Pa-pa pa-pa paah pa-pa … etc …’ * My head is buzzing with theme tunes that pop into it at all hours – […]


Earlier this week my daughter was sobbing her wee heart out, and when asked what was wrong she replied, ‘I don’t see anyone…’ After a bit of digging we discovered that she wanted to have her friends round to her house. Isla began to list them and it became clear that, apart from one visit […]

Scrabbling for new words

True story: My daughter has a biscuit. I say ‘Can I have a bit?’ ‘No Daddy.’ ‘Can I have a lick then?’ ‘NO Daddy.’ ‘Can I have a sniff?’ ‘Okay Daddy’. I get a sniff! …. ‘Can I have a bit, go on,’ says Daddy. ‘No Daddy – you’ve already had a sniff.’ So I […]

Writers Block – More ways to beat the block

Pesky apostrophes. Writer‘s Block affects one person but we all know WB affects all of us at some time or other so maybe Writers‘ Block is more accurate. I dumped the apostrophe in the title of this blog as  it might mess with those little bots that crawl all over our sites from time to […]

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