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‘Mummy, don’t do the voices!’

Peppa Pig’s school roof needs repairing. Again. And poor Daddy Pig ends up having to buy his chair back at a fundraising fete. That was the gist of our daughter’s latest bedtime story. I’ve read “Peppa Pig’s Daddy Is Made To Look A Right Idiot Again” or whatever the book’s called  a million times, trying […]

Bad things come in threes.

1) Today I woke up with conjunctivitis. Irritating. 2) Yesterday I was diagnosed with chilblains…to match my arthritis. Thus confirming I am officially an old git. 3) The day before that the hard drive in my Mac computer became an ex-hard drive. To paraphrase Monty Python it has kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal […]

We love books

Well there you have it. My wife is an avid reader, I love books and it seems our daughter has reached the same conclusion. First thing every morning she drags a book onto the bed or, more usually, an armful. Then a wee hand shakes Dad awake and she says – ‘Can you read with […]

Writer Alan Dapré reviews Google+

Over the past few months, I’ve fallen out of love with Social Networks. They have become simply a means to an end – for contacting distant friends and family. I have several gripes with social networking. The first is that site members often have different agendas so one person might be very political and brandish […]

Pandering to a cold? Not likely.

Two years ago on this day I felt unwell and ended up in hospital on a drip with suspected swine flu and meningitis symptoms. Took me until Feb to recover. Today I have a head cold and I’m ordering myself not to mope as it could be a lot worse. Kate was down with nasty […]

Happy Birthday My Lovely Daddy

Yesterday, Isla bursts into the bedroom, springs onto the bed and whispers, ‘Happy Birthday My Lovely Daddy – Shhh – but it’s a seeeecret – I’ve got you a present. Buuut, I’m not going to say what it is. I can open it for you.’ I am soon the proud owner of a cashmere scarf […]

Gingerbread House

There is something about gingerbread that makes me smile and gets me thinking of Christmas. I have happy memories of being over in Norway at Christmas time and helping build gingerbread houses for the youngsters. The ready-made gingerbread was out of a packet and the only thing I needed to supply was icing, sweets and […]

Rock On Tommy

Our last concert was The Wiggles. Last night Motley Crue played at Glasgow along with Spinal tap act-a-likes Steel Panther and a rather slick, bland Def Leppard. Motley Crue came on second but the night was theirs – or rather it belonged to the drummer Tommy Lee and his incredible gravity defying rollercoasting drum kit. […]

Dream themes

‘Justin’s House … Dah Da-da Da-da Da-da daah’ ‘When you hear that fire alarm … Sam is always cool and calm’ ‘La La La-la-la-la-la Something Something Something The Tweenies’ ‘Pah Pa-pa Paaah Pa-pa pa-pa paah pa-pa … etc …’ * My head is buzzing with theme tunes that pop into it at all hours – […]


Earlier this week my daughter was sobbing her wee heart out, and when asked what was wrong she replied, ‘I don’t see anyone…’ After a bit of digging we discovered that she wanted to have her friends round to her house. Isla began to list them and it became clear that, apart from one visit […]

Scrabbling for new words

True story: My daughter has a biscuit. I say ‘Can I have a bit?’ ‘No Daddy.’ ‘Can I have a lick then?’ ‘NO Daddy.’ ‘Can I have a sniff?’ ‘Okay Daddy’. I get a sniff! …. ‘Can I have a bit, go on,’ says Daddy. ‘No Daddy – you’ve already had a sniff.’ So I […]

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