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Looking for quality picture ebooks for kids at a great price?

I’ve decided to offer two of my picture ebooks at a great discount. Why? I want to get my ebooks read as much as possible so it makes sense to lower the cost – to less than a third of the original purchase price.

Wiggle Jiggle  (UK link)   (US Link) (Canada Link)
Cuddle Muddle  (UK link)  (US link) (Canada link)

I don’t have any overheads or printing costs or anything like that so I can offer my quality ebooks cheaply.  I have got quite a few 5 star reviews for the ebooks, but what matters is what kids think. I’m happy to say they like the humour, colourful illustrations, simple yet engaging stories and lots of rhyme and repetition.

My Wee Panda Bear Series is really for preschoolers. And their parents, grandparents and guardians and…you name it. No writer seeks to limit their audience, otherwise we would all keep our fingers off our pens and keep our stories in our heads.

If you want to discover more about my writing then why not have a look at my website – www.alandapre.com It is crammed full of my books, tips, videos and reviews. Have a browse…it’s a great way to pass a few minutes on bus/loo, etc.

Or take a look at the Alan Dapre wikipedia page.
It’s short and sweet, just like my picture ebooks. 🙂

Or why not drop me a line by clicking on Comments below. I’d love to know what you think of my ebooks.

Wiggle Jiggle  (UK link)   (US Link) (Canada Link)

Cuddle Muddle  (UK link)  (US link) (Canada link)

kindle, alan dare, picture ebook, wiggle jiggle

Wiggle Jiggle – kindle picture ebook by Alan Dapre

picture ebook, cuddle muddle, alan dapre, kindle

Cuddle Muddle – kindle picture ebook by Alan Dapre