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School daze.

Two minutes into her first day at Big School and my daughter gets a big graze on her knee. Off we go to the medical room for some tender care from a helpful teaching assistant. Of course, only water is used to wash the grit out – it’s been a longstanding policy of schools not […]

Cereal Mash-Ups – a tasty way to start the day

Youngsters today mash up their music, mixing two tracks to make a third. Well, oldsters like me mash up their cereal. I have done since my student days when I discovered that Alpen tasted better mixed with sugar puffs. These days I push the boundaries and mix porridge oats, mini-shredded wheat and shreddies – shreddies […]

Arggh. Not another Dad Blog!

My we’re all at it now. Not long ago a few embarrassed Dads were lurking in the corners of Mumsnet or NetMums or whatever Mums-focussed site existed at the time. Everything on the sites was Mum-this and Mum-that, with the occasional nod to Dads. A few years ago, when I read comments by Mums about […]

Bad things come in threes.

1) Today I woke up with conjunctivitis. Irritating. 2) Yesterday I was diagnosed with chilblains…to match my arthritis. Thus confirming I am officially an old git. 3) The day before that the hard drive in my Mac computer became an ex-hard drive. To paraphrase Monty Python it has kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal […]

Sky fall does not rhyme with Crumbles.

Let the sky fall When it crumbles We will stand tall Face it all together At skyfall At skyfall Nice try Adele, but to my ears Sky fall does not rhyme with Crumbles. The dessert you need is Trifle. I’m just playing with words. I suppose some may say it’s a forced (or oblique) rhyme with an imperfect match in sound […]

Lost your Blogging Mojo?

Well, it’s been a while since I last blogged. The reason is that I lost my blogging mojo. It happened after I’d spent countless hours in front of the computer trying to boost my profile on the web – joining sites for Authors, asking for reviews, sending out PR mail shots, updating my website etc […]

10 rubbish ways to get yourself a publishing deal.

  10 – Posting your manuscript through J.K. Rowling’s front door.  She probably has a bin under the letter box flap. Or a paper-loving dog.  Or an island retreat somewhere else less rainy than Scotland. 9 –   Asking your best mate’s friend’s aunt’s mother’s cousin’s sister in law to ask her best mate’s friend’s aunt’s […]

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