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eBooks for sale by J R Hartley, I mean Alan Dapré

Do you remember that advert where an old man rings round bookshops until he smiles – puts on his hat – and nips out the door? He is looking for a book by J. R. Hartley and the twist is he is after his own book. 

jr hartley - yellow pages

Well, that wouldn’t happen these days – now that online booksellers are on the scene. He would just have to do a quick Google or Yahoo (is that now a noun too?) and his dusty old book would appear. Selling second-hand on the Used section of Amazon.

It wouldn’t be long before he could read his masterpiece at home, his heart richer and his wallet poorer by £0.01…

It is weird seeing my 63 books selling online. Many are still being sold by the original publishers but some are second/third/fourth-hand and making an income for online sellers. I wish there was a way that I could retain a 10% percentage of such sales but perhaps getting £0.001 is probably not worth it. Of course, some are advertised for ridiculous prices such as £27.79.

So it makes sense for me to try and compete and sell a few books online myself. That brings me to – Cuddle MuddleWiggle Jiggle & Eggy Leggy. Three books for preschoolers, each sporting a playful rhyme and funny narrative.

If you believe in supporting good writing and have a cute pre-schooler who needs a cute ebook then why not give my ebooks a try? I’ve made them dirt cheap – and it would be great to have them read & reviewed.

Click the links to see my colourful illustrations – oh, and a loveable Panda who just needs a Cuddle 😉


Cuddle Muddle Wee Panda Bear tumbles out of bed and needs a Big Bear cuddle, but without her wee black glasses she gets in a cuddle muddle! First she hugs a hippo then cuddles a surprised croc! Until she gets a big Bear cuddle … cute sleepy wee bear just won’t stop!’

Cuddle Muddle‘ – available on kindle  (UK link)
Cuddle Muddle‘ – available on kindle  (US link)


Wiggle  Jiggle – It’s Wee Panda Bear’s Birthday and she has grown an inch in the night. She wiggles and jiggles but her black coat is too tight. When no friends come to play Wee Bear sets off to find them, but nobody is at home. She goes back to her room full of gloom … and gets a brilliant surprise.
‘Wiggle Jiggle’ –  available on kindle (UK link)
‘Wiggle Jiggle’ – available on kindle  (US link)


Eggy Leggy - picture book by Alan Dapre
Eggy Leggy – Wee Panda Bear finds a big egg that suddenly sprouts legs and runs off. It surprises Croc and sails over Snail, buzzes by Bee and bounces on Hippo. Soon Eggy Leggy is stuck in a tree so Wee Bear hatches a plan to set her free. And find out who is inside.

‘Eggy Leggy’ –  available on kindle (UK link)
‘Eggy Leggy’ – available on kindle  (US link)

‘Cuddle Muddle’ a wee picture story by Alan Dapré

Cuddle Muddle is out now. What a relief to say that. If you are looking for a funny, sunny book for preschool children then it could be up your street, or on your iPad (iPad only at the moment but I am working on a Kindle version).

So what’s the plot?

Wee Panda Bear tumbles out of bed and needs a Big Bear cuddle, but without her wee black glasses she gets in a cuddle muddle! She hugs a hippo then cuddles a croc – and until sleepy Wee Bear cuddles Big Bear she just won’t stop!

My aim is that Cuddle Muddle sensitively explores a sleepy youngster’s confused emotions and actions … we get shadowy surprises throughout the book … but I make sure to bring the narrative to a warm, cuddly conclusion.

The inspiration came from my daughter who has always had her own Wee Bear, and it keeps on falling out of bed too. The idea of having a panda lose her glasses seemed very appealing and it meant that she could go on a fumbling, bumbling journey. My daughter wears glasses and without them she is a wee bumbler. I know she identifies strongly with the character and story as I have had to read it a million times.

Within days she knew it by heart and that is a great sign that the story is pitched at the right level.

So hopefully mums, dads and grandparents will have a peek at the sample, or get themselves a copy. I have added a movie on ‘How to Draw Wee Panda Bear’ plus a movie of the book itself, complete with narration and turning pages. Lots of work, but hopefully worth it. Here’s a link:

Cuddle Muddle by Alan Dapre – ipad version

Let me know what you think 🙂 I am sure that Wee Panda Bear will be on a lot more adventures. Now where did I put my pen?