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Rock On Tommy

Our last concert was The Wiggles.

Last night Motley Crue played at Glasgow along with Spinal tap act-a-likes Steel Panther and a rather slick, bland Def Leppard. Motley Crue came on second but the night was theirs – or rather it belonged to the drummer Tommy Lee and his incredible gravity defying rollercoasting drum kit. Not content with playing drums the right way up he played them a full 360 degrees without missing a beat or dropping a stick. Here was a band back to their best, with a taste of US grunge rock guitar licks. They played to the gallery, asked if Glasgow was ok after the hurricane winds (it was) and got the crowd rocking – all around, greasy hair swished – and my wrinkly bald head winked in the laser beams like a disco ball.

As the set exploded into manic rhythms and fire-throwing excess I vowed from now on to play my daughter Isla as much rock music as I could. Kate is the expert but her CDs are all over the house, wedged under cupboards and in skirting boards. Recently I set up a way to stream my mp3 files to our DVD player and TV speakers so there is now no way Isla will miss out on her Rock School Education. As caring and thoughtful parents we have agreed that Isla must go along to a Rock Festival – ie Donnington – before she is ten. Before she sees her parents as an embarrassment. Before she gains a taste in dull music riddled with teenage angst.

We left, feeling that Def Leppard were slick, glossily eighties and dramatic in a cheesy rock ballad way but out of touch. Certainly, filling their huge video screens with a Union Flag was not the best idea as they waited to run out for their encore. The boos were not on though. Interestingly, their lead singer complained when soaked by a pint of beer while Motley Crue actively encouraged such audience participation.

So what next? We have a wish list – I want to see ACDC and Kate hankers after Bon Jovi. At the moment CBeebies Live beckons next year.
Rock On!

Simultaneous Discovery, Coincidence or just Bad Luck?

Being a published freelance author here at alandapre.com and beyond I have to be alert to trends and what is going around. Or do I?

Thinking back I realise that I have actually had quite a few ideas similar to stuff that has appeared on TV or in books and – rather annoyingly – someone else has got there first. Year back I drafted a grandiose screenplay for the life of Van Gogh, basing it on his letters only to see a film come out (of nowhere) which rendered the idea dead in the water. I know that sometimes 3 Robin Hoods come along at once but there’s only so much Van Gogh one can take. Currently I am looking at the TV output on CBeebies and seeing progs that share a theme or character type that I have been developing. Baby Jake is one such show – the idea of a family of older brothers and sisters (with names in alphabetical order) and an adventurous youngster has long been with me. Pity then I didn’t get the character out in the right format – but it’s been one I have wrestled with for ages so I put him to bed. Or, more accurately, in a bottom drawer.

Still, I am not unduely worried. There is something fascinating and comforting that I am still having ideas that have merit (even though others do them first) for it means I’m not on the creative scrapheap. Besides, there are only 36 plots (or 7 or any number you can think of) so there must be a lot of recycling. A friend of mine believes there is an ideas cloud of creativity that we all tap into and so similar themes and ideas are generated at the same time. You just have to get them quicker than others or not worry about it. At the moment I am happily pursuing a story idea and am writing it damn quick before that cloud dribbles my moneyspinning bestseller into someone else’s earhole.

Okay – enough about coincidences, bad timing, simultaneous discovery – but remember you heard/read about it here first!