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Toe bleed or not toe bleed

Today is dull, uninteresting, overcast and most welcome. Yesterday was full of incident and I am glad to see the back of it. It all started to go wrong when I got out of bed first thing to let the dog out – I stumbled to close the gate and smacked my right little toe on the stone wall render. Looking down, I saw the toenail and a clump of toe swinging like an open door in the breeze. After hopping about for a bandage the kitchen resembled a splatter movie. At that moment, my daughter came into the kitchen and I had to hide my discomfort and squished toe before she became upset. Only two days earlier, Isla had trapped her fingers in a firedoor at the local softplay after the soft-close door decided it wanted to be a fast-close door instead. A trip to the local surgery ensued and she was lucky to get away with severe bruising and a fright. We have read several books about Maisy Mouse and Peppa Pig – very positive stories about visiting hospital – and they helped keep Isla calm.

A trip to A&E was required and, amazingly, I was in and out within an hour and a half, thanks to Ayrshire’s decision to employ Nurse Practitioners. Mine was professional, courteous and all smiles as she jabbed my poor toe twice with painkillers and set about cutting off the offending squished tissue. Not pleasant but someone has to do it. I hobbled out, glad no one was waiting with a more serious injury. An injured little toe is not what I see as typical A&E material – but the nurse was clear that I was wise to visit. I was tempted to ask for the offcut – you know, to go under my pillow in case there’s a little known and rather bored Toe Fairy desperate for some night shift work.

Arriving home, Isla was taken by my wife to Nursery. An hour later and she was brought back, er, with chickenpox. We had failed to see the telltale signs (chiefly because Kate was earlier busy mopping up my blood and I was busy … moping).

So now Isla and her dad are stuck indoors.

She can’t go out because of the pox and I can’t go out because walking and driving is a bit difficult and not advisable while I have stitches in. What a great day, eh?

Still, we have been doing lots of jigsaws and reading a heap of books. Favourite book at the moment is Winnie in Winter, and we were lucky enough to have a lot of freebies recently sent to us by Korky Paul – the inspirational and quirky illustrator of Winnie. I think a current top ten of our favourite kids’ books is due on this website so here goes …

Winnie in Winter
Angry Arthur
The Tickle Book
The Gruffalo
Maisy Goes to the Library
Daddy Pig’s Old Chair
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Gingerbread Man
A Squash and a Squeeze
Father Christmas Needs A Wee

Come to think of it, so do I 😉


Earlier this week my daughter was sobbing her wee heart out, and when asked what was wrong she replied, ‘I don’t see anyone…’ After a bit of digging we discovered that she wanted to have her friends round to her house. Isla began to list them and it became clear that, apart from one visit to a friend, she had not had anyone over for three weeks. My wish to stop her arm getting hurt had the effect of stopping her from doing what she usually does, i.e. see her pals.

Usually the dads meet in the local play park during the week and let the kids race about. Or we take them to a soft play area and let them race about. Isla had therefore been under some kind of house arrest and was going stir crazy with only Dad, Mum, Granny and the Neighbours – all grown ups and all no way as exciting as her friends.

Yesterday a four year old who she knows well came round and the house was suddenly bursting with life, drama and excitement. They ate beans on toast, celebrated Mum’s birthday by blowing out candles and scoffing chocolate cake, and turning the front room into a tip. The friend left exhausted as were the grown ups – but what a delight to see the glow in Isla’s eyes.

Today was more of the same and she ventured to a friend who is a bit younger – this visit wasn’t quite so altruistic on my part. The aim was to get Isla close to some chickenpox … I remember having Measles aged 18 and it was unpleasant so I am keen for her to get the childhood illnesses out of the way. This afternoon was spent trampolining, toy sharing(ish), oatcake eating, cuddling and generally having a great time. She got back whacked out, happy & tired, requesting bed … Great result all round. I am enjoying the peace and quiet.

Now if only I could get out to see my friends more often too.