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10 Ways To Get A Great Publishing Deal ;)

Hobnob With Celebs: Remember that celebrity author you bumped into once at Waitrose/Aldi? (They probably won’t remember you.) Simply stand in the same spot and hope that lightning strikes twice. If it does – hand over your manuscript and wait for their agent to call.

Milk Your Contacts: Ask your best mate’s friend’s aunt’s mother’s cousin’s sister in law who knows someone who works in publishing…to ask her best mate’s friend’s aunt’s mother’s cousin’s sister in law if she would ask someone who works in publishing to publish your book.

How to get a publishing deal

Do Something Unusual: Go around the world on a unicycle while Juggling scorpions.* You’ll probably fall off & require medical attention – which will get you media attention…a book deal, 2 minutes on Oprah, etc.

Do Something Dull: Some YouTubers simply unwrap stuff and get millions of online visitors. Why not fix a camera above your desk and let people see every word as you write it. You’ll be amazed at how folk will love watching you write. And love commenting about your grammar and punctuation.

Get A Pal To Nominate You For ‘The Nobel Prize In Literature’ [In The Hope It Will Get You Noticed]: According to Wikipedia, ‘Each year the Swedish Academy sends out requests for nominations of candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Members of the Academy, members of literature academies and societies, professors of literature and language, former Nobel literature laureates, and the presidents of writers’ organizations are all allowed to nominate a candidate. However, it is not permitted to nominate oneself.’

Marry Into The Royal Family: Then write tales about a helicopter.

Become Famous: To get a great publishing deal, make sure you first get a gold at an Olympic sport. Or present on national TV, play football for a major club. Or sing in a band…

Streak At A High Profile Sporting Event [With Your First Chapter Tattooed On Your Bottom]:  How much you’ll get noticed really depends on the size of your bum.

Go Small:  Write your book on a pinhead and get it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Send a publisher a big dollop of Porridge: A quirky Scottish cat who once fell in a tin of tartan paint. Hang on, I’ve just done that. Better try one of the other suggestions…

Click the link if you wish to have a peek at or download Loch Ness Mess


I think therefore iBook

Well, the e-book writing odyssey continues. I know I can make one using Word & Sigil then Calibre – to get Kindle mobi or epub versions. But I am more interested in creating a visually stimulating children’s book. I think that is where the iBook Author scores highly. I have had a play and it is rather similar to the website building software I used to create my site. Phew. Also I have a lot of experience with Photoshop and there are some similarities there.

I like the ease of using iBook Author, but there are some issues.
1) I cannot preview my book-in-progress on my iMac as I do not have an iPad to link up – so I am resorting to borrowing a neighbour’s gadget.
2) Exporting to Calibre makes the layout a mess – in fact, the only thing that plays it ok is an iPad. Apparently .iBook is a .epub file but one that has been made to only work with Apple devices.
3) The market for children’s books is uncharted on the ibooks platform – plus everything tends to get lumped in as one so it is hard to search for any given book.
4)The templates do not fit well with a picture children’s book – so they need to be pared down to basics. It helps to be creative with the TOC and thumbnails – so they do not distract from the story or give the narrative away.

Anyway, I have barely started so I will add more about how I am getting on as I, er, get on. In the meantime, I have been reading a useful book which has tips on how to work from home. Never easy (practically impossible) I have found, especially with a three year old vying for attention. Granny is a godsend!

The eBook is called ‘How to Run a Work from Home Business When You Have Small Children’ – here is my review. By the way, I have no affiliation to this, I just liked what I read.

“Life for parents is always hectic and demanding and requires considerable patience, humour and organisation. Celina Lucas has written a compact book crammed with insight and helpful advice for parents. She shares her own experiences and laces them with practical thoughts on how to run a business from home.

It is easy to identify with the key topics under scrutiny. The section on being more organised struck a chord but plenty of tips and suggestions are offered up on a range of work start-up issues. This book aims to get you thinking more practically about your own situation and how best to run a home based business. Celina provides links to more detailed facts and advice, such as a free 7 day eCourse.

‘How to Run a Work from Home Business When You Have Small Children’ is geared mainly for mothers who are looking to get back into a viable working routine; it strives to encourage a proper balance between the need to support one’s children, yet earn money. As a stay at home Dad I was able to see the similarities with my life, and specific advice for Dads would definitely be welcome in any future edition.

It was refreshing to read statements such as ‘When you have childcare … Accept that you’re not going to get much done.’ This book is not about going on a guilt trip, but getting a business going. It is a supportive, compact and honest assessment of what can be done with a young family.

Best of all, the points are made clearly and concisely so by the end you should feel motivated and keen to try something new.

A refreshing read to refresh your career.”

Now I had better get on and do some working from home – once I’ve made a cup of tea and found some Malted Milk biscuits before my daughter eats them all.