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Who is the best at giving hugs?

My young daughter swerves by me and stubs her toe on a door.  I hold out my arms to give her a big hug and…she hops straight past.

Hops all the way down the hall.

Hops into the kitchen…yelling for Mum.

I follow and see her get a big cuddle and lots of sympathy. Then she looks round and flashes a cheeky grin. “Hey,” I say, “you ran right past me. I was going to give you a big hug.”

“Sorry, Dad, but you’re too bony – even though you’ve got a big fat belly. Mum’s way better at giving me cuddles.”

“What am I good for?” I ask, with a mock glum face.

“Well, I like it when you pretend to be a robot and run after me. And you’re pretty good at doing voices. Yeah, I like it when you read to me at night and do your Winnie the Pooh voice. Can you do it now?”

“Ummm, Uhhh, Nope – I don’ttt think so.”


“I think she’s feeling okay now,” says Mum.

“My foot still hurts a bit,” says the wee girl, angling for more attention. 

“Come to Dad and get a big hug,” I say, crouching down and stretching my arms wide.

“No – that’s Mum’s job. Your job is to tell me jokes and…”


“Do the washing up. Pick up after me and Mum. Keep the house tidy and make cookies. You are the best in the world – ever – at making cookies, especially the big chocolate ones. Can you make them now?”

“It’s late. How about I make them tomorrow? How about I make Yorkshire Puddings? You used to call them Orchard Puddings when you were wee.”

“No Dad. Mum is the best at Yorkshires. [pause] But you are the best at pancakes.”

“It’s the same stuff!” I protest.

“Look. Sometimes you are okay at Yorkshires too.”

“What about hugs?”

She thinks. “Yes. But not if I’m really hurt because then I just have to go to Mum – it’s the law. Unless Mum’s not here then I’ll come to you. Don’t worry, Dad. I still love you.”

She starts running off.

“I can see your leg’s better now.”

And accidentally catches her shoulder on the door.

“Ow! That was your fault, Dad.”

“What? Why? How?!”

“Well, I get my cleverness and hair from Mum.”


“And I get clumsiness from you! It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to give it to me.”

And off she goes with a grin…

to cuddle the dog!

“Skye gives the best hugs in this house!”

cuddle dog alan dapre















Cuddle Muddle – my picture ebook is now free 25,26,27th April

Well, if you like pandas and you like cuddles then this is the book for you. I’ve made it free several times before and have got quite a few downloads and some nice reviews. If you have a Kindle Fire/Paperwhite or Kindle For Mac/Windows software then you’ll be able to read my colourful story. Helps to have a preschool youngster too 🙂

Cuddle Muddle Free Alan Dapre

Picture ebook by Alan Dapre


What’s it about?

Wee Panda Bear tumbles out of bed and needs a Big Bear cuddle, but without her wee black glasses she gets in a cuddle muddle! She hugs a hippo then cuddles a croc – and until sleepy Wee Bear cuddles Big Bear she just won’t stop!’ 

I’ve blogged about this story in the past so won’t go on. Feel free to have a wee free read on me 🙂

Cuddle Muddle UK link

Cuddle Muddle US link

Some reviews –

I was recommended this from a friend, and was really pleased. My 3 year old is facinated with my kindle and loves to have a few picture stories on there. She loves the illustrations in this story esp Mummy and Baby Panda! It’s a fantastic little story to keep on your Kindle for emergencies such as a Dr’s surgery waiting room or bus journey when no toys are on hand except my Kindle, unlike some of the other e-books availble for your kindle the illustraitions are of good quality and fit the story well.  Lise 2709

This is an absolutely beautiful book for all little ones that love a big cuddle and big ones that like a wee cuddle!. The book is funny, gentle, heartwarming and the perfect size for a bedtime story. The illustrations are gorgeous – I love the little teddy bear and the firefly. As someone who needed glasses at a very young age, it is especially lovely to see them featured in the story. I look forward to more books from this author. Anna O